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The houses are all built in stone so they are naturally solid, and are carefully covered with good roofs, since the storms in this area are not to be trifled with. The houses are small and adjoin one another, making their resilience all the greater. The sole lateral street branches off on the left-hand side opposite the guesthouse, and is so narrow that I can touch both house walls with my outstretched hands. It leads to a narrow, fragile wooden bridge over the stream that flows almost silently behind the cottages to the foot of the green hill on which the little church stands with its small walled cemetery.
Martin Thomas Wegmacher

The appearance of Stuben am Arlberg is outlined in a wide variety of travel memoirs. This small village on the Arlberg Pass road has always had a very special charm. One of the nicest descriptions of Stuben comes from Martin Thomas Wegmacher – a pseudonym for the construction engineer Martin Martins, who worked on the Arlberg Pass road.