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Fridtjof Nansen at the Arlberg

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Well, today we are going to Stuben. We have to pack up quickly and get ready. (...) I am totally ex¬cited and take pride in pointing out the „Arlberg¬bahn“ to Fridtjof. He and Olaf are reciting poems all the way. There is no sleigh in Langen, because we have called too late. But that doesn‘t matter. We are going up to my dear little Stuben. It is al¬most as if I‘d make Fridtjof a rare present. Oh, how I love this journey, how I have envisioned us coming up here. (...) The Fritzin kindly welcomes us fresh and young and our room is already warm.
Grete Gulbransson (1912)

Fritjof Nansen (1861-1930) is considered the pioneer of skiing in Central Europe. His crossing of Greenland on snowshoes, which he described in a book, triggered a veritable ski boom in many regions of the Alps (“Nansen fever”). Together with Olaf Gulbransson and his wife Grete (nee Jehly), who came from Bludenz, Nansen lodged at the Post guesthouse in Stuben in 1912.