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The Ski Club Arlberg and Stuben

To open up the Albona and Kaltenberg slope, which has been popular with ski tourists for years, Albonabahn Gesellchaft mbH in Stuben am Arlberg is planning the construction of a chairlift from Stuben to the Albonagrat in two sections. It should be constructed as a single chair lift and be predominantly used for winter sports.

The route, with its starting point behind the church in Stuben, runs from there in a southwest direction to the mid station and from there roughly south towards the summit station on the Albonagrat. The altitude of the valley station is 1410 m, the mid station is at 1846 m and the summit station on the Albonagrat is at 2364 m.

From the announcement of the approval of the Albonabahn under railway law on 6 March 1957

The age of ski lifts in Stuben am Arlberg began in 1949. It also changed the activities of the ski club because the ski lifts made training the younger generation and arranging races significantly easier. The drag lift built in 1956 by Adolf Walch still exists today. Construction of the Albonabahn began in the same year. This was able – after a few difficulties – to commence operation in the spring of 1957 when an operating consortium was founded with the Muttersbergbahn in Bludenz.

Stuben am Arlberg mit dem „Walchlift“ im Vordergrund und der einzeichneten Trasse der Albonabahn