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Tanzcafé Arlberg - The Sunshine Skiing Music Festival

The Music Place to Be

Once again this year in Stuben am Arlberg


Sun, snow, skiing and sound: the "Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival" delights its audience with this mountain-moving mix. On board this year in Stuben am Arlberg:

  • TANZ BABY! on April 1, 2024 @ das JOHANN
  • ITALO BRUTALO on April 9, 2024 at FUXBAU

The Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival concerts are all free of charge and can be attended by anyone without prior booking. The principle of "first come first serve" applies. We recommend that you arrive in good time. More information about the festival at

If that's not a reason to celebrate?

SUNSHINE SKIING at it's best - only at the Arlberg.

There are no musical boundaries when it comes to the exquisite festival line-up: In this dreamlike winter wonderland setting, jazz lovers will get their money's worth just as much as funk goddesses and techno fans. To mark the end of the season, sun-loving skiers will also be showered with a cool mix of indie, swing, dialect pop and hip-hop beats. This is après-ski in style! As part of the tenth edition, which will take place on mountain stages from 31 March to 14 April, the areas covered are being generously expanded.

The festival which was previously based in Lech Zürs, is now extending its reach to the entire Arlberg region just in time to mark the festival's anniversary. You can now also enjoy this stylish open-air spectacle in St. Christoph, St. Anton and Stuben. Five locations, one festival, umpteen stages and plenty of reasons to bring the ski season to a close on the Arlberg.

After all, this is the music place to be!

PS: All concerts are FREE OF CHARGE!

Tanzcafé Arlberg: TANZ BABY am 1. April 2024 um 21.00 h im das Johann in Stuben am Arlberg


Rosy prospects for home organ fans | April 1, 2024 at 9.00 PM @ das johann

They're back! Ten years after consigning themselves to the museum of music and giving a brilliant farewell concert at which companions such as "Bilderbuch" and Violetta Parisini said goodbye, David Kleinl and Kristian Musser – also known as TANZ BABY! – have returned to the limelight. About time! The smooth duo always considered returning to the stage in the back of their minds. In their final interviews, the two men from Eisenstadt – who founded their colourful band project in the winter of 2005 – declared:

"Don't be sad that we're going our separate ways. We're only doing it so we can make a comeback in 2023!"

Two men who keep their promise. It's finally time to sway to the home organ again, and these two elegant gentlemen are at last capturing their audiences' hearts with timeless songs about love and everything that goes with it. With their comeback revue "Liebe und Meer" (love and sea), "Tanz Baby!" are putting on a show that is bursting with beautiful songs. They're also taking their audience to places where roses even bloom in winter. Spoiler alert: Zürs and Stuben are in the mix. Those are definitely rosy prospects!

Tanzcafé Arlberg: GEORGIJ MAKAZARIA & FRIENDS am 4. April 2024 um 14.30 h im Hotel Mondschein in Stuben am Arlberg


Brilliant Live and DJ Event | April 2, 2024 at 9.30 PM @ mondschein CLUB BAR

Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria: The name fits the singer from the ORF late-night show "Willkommen Österreich" (Welcome Austria) and former frontman of the popular band "Russkaja" like a glove, and fans have fondly referred to him as Georgij for many years.

"Welcome Arlberg" is the tagline on a Tuesday night when the eccentric stage performer takes the Hotel Mondschein in Stuben by storm with his accordion in his luggage.

His signature sound will also be accompanied by the wonderful DJ Jul and Alexander Shevchenko, the accordionist from the "Gentlemen Music Club". You can look forward to a brilliant live and DJ event that will get the Arlberg on its feet.

Tanzcafé Arlberg: FREDDIE'S FINEST am 5. April 2024 um 20.30 h im Arlberg Stuben Hotel in Stuben am Arlberg


Exquisitely stylish sound bites | April 5, 2024 at 8.30 pm @ ARLBERG STUBEN

The sounds served up by FREDDIE'S FINEST are well worth a listen: after all, the lively quartet has always spiced up melodic delicacies with extravagant specialities. Swing music from the 1920s to the present day fits seamlessly alongside Viennese songs, musette, gypsy jazz and numerous original compositions.

Accompanied by their extravagant line-up – clarinet, accordion, guitar and double bass – the fine foursome s(w)ing, groove and dance with their audience throughout the evening.

And it goes without saying that their singing is not a mere afterthought either. They tell musical stories about life and love, and anything imaginable in between. And everything is always sprinkled with a touch of humour and the odd wink. After all, it's best to swing with a smile on your face!

Tanzcafé Arlberg: ITALO BRUTALO am 9. April 2024 um 14.30 h im Fuxbau in Stuben am Arlberg


Otherworldly Italo disco | April 9, 2024 at 2.30 pm @ FUXBAU

Italo disco variations laid down by vintage synthesizer fetishist ITALO BRUTALO seem to float in from a lost sound universe. The German producer and DJ taps into the endless possibilities afforded by his collection of analogue retro machines to create a soundscape that defies convention and shuns limitation. He values EBM rhythms just as much as jagged techno motifs or detours into electro, Italo and Afrocosmic. This sound optimizer has been constantly tinkering and living out his cross-genre love for boundless grooves for over 25 years. And he's enjoyed success, too.

His album "Heartware" was named live album of the year in 2022 by the specialist magazine "FAZE".

If you have a soft spot for a flashy, fast and unconventional sound universe that will encourage you to dance, jump and let go, you've come to the right place.


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